Visite of the LMJ

Visite of the Megajoule Laser:

Friday June 3rd at 9 H

The Megajoule Laser facility (LMJ) is a key component of CEA's Simulation Program. Its purpose is to study, at a very small scale, the behavior of materials under extreme conditions similar to those reached during the operation of nuclear weapons. The LMJ is designed to deliver, in a few billionths of a second, more than one million joules of light energy to targets measuring a few millimeters in size. It was officially commissioned on October 23, 2014, with the performance of a first series of experiments.

More information are available on: The Megajoule Laser Homepage

The Megajoule project manager will guide us all around the facility and will present in a scientific way the features of this world-wide unique installation.

The access of this area is restricted by the French government.